Welcome to Sparky’s Distribution.

Sparky's was born out of the need to build a distribution house that is based on carrying and promoting the high end BMX lifestyle.

Sparky's was one of the first rider owned distribution houses in the late 90's. We are now the home of The Shadow Conspiracy, Subrosa, Sputnic, Mutiny, Bone Deth, Tempered, The Make, and Banned.

With this new energy of focus we have begun to take Sparky's on a new path based on promoting and creating a business that helps build the BMX lifestyle.

Our staff lives and breathes BMX and with 80 years of combined experience. This focus on the BMX market guarantees that Sparky's has the knowledge that will help you make the right choices for your shop.

Sparky's also ensures your experience with us not only results in fast-selling, high-margin products, but also creates a positive affiliation between your business and the Sparky’s Crew!

Our promise is to work at setting the best industry standards so riders, retailers, and suppliers benefit from a strong BMX industry.